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You won’t win Powerball, but you can do Basic Math

No, none of you reading this will win Powerball. Somehow, I think everybody reading this knows that already. Even a small amount of common sense should tell you that, much less even rudimentary statistics. The odds of winning Powerball right now are 1-in-292 million, just a


Tor is shutting the door to unsolicited submissions

Looks like the marketplace for original short science fiction just got a little bit smaller. As of January 7th, Tor, one of the biggest markets for speculative fiction stories, will no longer be accepting unsolicited short fiction. Tor has been a major longtime staple in

Kenan & Kel Reunite for “Good Burger” Sketch

My dear readers, Jimmy Fallon finally did something useful on The Tonight Show. Just when you thought that 90’s nostalgia hit its peak with the return of Toonami, or Surge being brought back, or Nickelodeon deciding to dedicate an entire channel to television shows they

And His Name is John Cena

If my Facebook news feed is any indication, it looks like the Internet has its latest memetic champion, and his name is John Cena. Cue any number of countless videos with an inopportune insertion of WWE wrestler John Cena and the horns of his hip-hop