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Top 10 NFL Expansion Team Locations

There’s just a few more hours Super Bowl, and the biggest loser may be a team that was eliminated from the running halfway through the season. Football fans fresh off of moving the St. Louis Rams back to Los Angeles, before promptly forgetting they existed

The Last Time the Cubs Won the World Series

So, looks like I may have to recant one of the earliest things I wrote in this website, back when I called the Chicago Cubs the most disappointing team in sports. As of last night, after not only coming back from a 3-1 series deficit,

My solution to the Washington Redskins name controversy

It’s beginning to look like the NFL is going to have to play a game of political football before season’s kickoff this fall. The recurring controversy of the Washington Redskins chosen team name is back in the news again, this time because of a recent announcement by the US Patent and Trademark office to cancel the Redskins trademark. While some have hailed this is a decisive victory for supporters of a name change – though I’d be quick to point out this has happened before and nothing changed – all it seems to have successful done at the moment is to reignite one of the sports world’s nastiest debates.

It’s time to give LeBron James his due

As of a couple of nights ago, after an intense, seven game series, the Miami Heat won the NBA Finals, defeating the San Antonio Spurs, and the media has been abuzz ever since. The focal point of a lot of this is Heat superstar and

Jason Collins is not the new Jackie Robinson

It’s all anybody has been able to talk about the last few days, especially in the sports world. The most talked about basketball player in sports isn’t in the ongoing NBA playoffs, and his team was the worst in the league. Yet, the biggest name