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Gods of Egypt Movie Review

Poor Alex Proyas just can’t seem to get a break. In a better world, he’d have gotten the same level of faith and funding from studios wasted on the likes of the Wachowskis or Shyamalan, as opposed to the bumpy career he’s had. Despite directing,

My rant about The Crow remake

The Crow remake has been in the news a lot recently in the last few weeks, after finally settling a lawsuit with Miramax over film rights that has kept it from moving forward until now. Mainly making waves with rumored casting decisions over just who will play

The Crow

I recently heard a horrifying bit of news from a friend of mine. Specifically, that there is an upcoming remake of one of my all-time favorite movies, The Crow. The fact that they are remaking this movie at all scares me, especially when combined with