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RavenCon 2015

Its once more that time of year, when Richmond’s local sci-fi/fantasy/horror convention, RavenCon takes roost for the weekend, once again bringing several big name authors and industry bigwigs, along with thousands of genre fans to town. Watching RavenCon fill Richmond with genre buffs, tabletop gamers,

War of the Worlds: Goliath Movie Review

First making waves back in 2012 in the Alternate History community, War of the Worlds: Goliath was envisioned as a sequel to the events of HG Wells famous novel, where an Earth ravaged by the first Martian invasion digs in and fights back against the

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Support the Confederation web series on Kickstarter

As mentioned before, one of the more intriguing trends the Internet has seen the rise of is crowd-sourcing, where the pipe-dream of countless artists and entrepreneurs, where they could get their supposed markets and audiences to back their projects independent of all other financiers, has