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Logan Movie Review

Imagine if somebody made the comic book movie’s answer to The Shootist, and you would likely get something very close to Logan. That’s a statement I mean as both a compliment and a complaint, given how Logan is both a very bold and original movie

So they’re rebooting DuckTales

So have you heard that Disney is rebooting DuckTales? I’ll give you a few minutes to get the DuckTales theme out of your head before continuing. For those of you who may be too young to remember – hard to believe the show made its

Interview with Tom King

In terms of things to put on your resume, CIA Agent and writer of Batman both have to be near the top. Tom King has been both. Beginning his career as an intern at Marvel Comics in the 90s, Tom King made the rather unorthodox


Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

While I was just as blown away as anyone else by The Avengers, for me the Marvel Cinematic universe finally started to show its full potential with the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and not just because it proved that Iron Man and

Wizard World Richmond 2015

Back in Richmond after a smashing first year for the convention, Wizard World Richmond was this past weekend. After a very successful first year, the Wizard World event returns to Richmond with some bigger names than before, and a bigger burden – with Ravencon leaving

Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie Review

The Avengers really did change everything, certainly everything about the movies at least. Nobody would have believed that a post-credits teaser at the end of Iron Man almost seven years ago would herald in what would prove to be the most influential film of the

This Comic says all you need to know about Vaccines

Vaccines may be one of the most important scientific advances in human history, which makes the outbreak of the anti-vaccination movement all the more alarming. Despite vaccines being the medical discovery largely responsible for turning the tide in the fight against countless diseases, including playing