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Support the Confederation web series on Kickstarter

As mentioned before, one of the more intriguing trends the Internet has seen the rise of is crowd-sourcing, where the pipe-dream of countless artists and entrepreneurs, where they could get their supposed markets and audiences to back their projects independent of all other financiers, has

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The 2nd Annual KG Media Awards

Tonight, my dear readers, is the 84th Academy Awards, which if your interested, I hope to see Hugo and The Artist take by storm, though I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Rooney Mara to win Best Actress. Of course, if you read my post last

Are South Park’s days numbered?

As my look at the show several weeks ago might have revealed, I am a fan of the show South Park, and regardless of what some may say, I maintain it is one of the smartest shows on television. Prior to this season, and especially

South Park: How Comedy Should Be

Tonight was the premiere of South Park’s 15th season. Having just finished watching the episode, I can tell you the show has not lost it’s signature over the top satirical edge that made it famous. Not too spoil too much, but tonight the show took