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Ghost in the Shell Movie Review

The good news is that Ghost in the Shell could very well be the best live-action anime adaptation to come from Hollywood. The bad news is that when your nearest competition is Dragonball Evolution or Speed Racer, that’s hardly a ringing endorsement. An adaptation of

My rant about The Crow remake

The Crow remake has been in the news a lot recently in the last few weeks, after finally settling a lawsuit with Miramax over film rights that has kept it from moving forward until now. Mainly making waves with rumored casting decisions over just who will play

Top 10 Worst Comic Book Movies of All Time

For comic book loving movie goers, it really is a great time to be alive. For the first time in cinematic history, comic book movies are becoming a dependable staple in Hollywood’s stable, and moviegoers can expect a half dozen comic book adaptations to hit

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Team Four Star

As I am sure many of you are aware, the Internet has touched almost every bit of modern life, as well as our culture, and created it’s own along the way. Online shopping from places like Amazon or iTunes has changed the way people shop.