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Finding Dory Movie Review

I hope all of you enjoyed Inside Out last year, or managed to be one of the five people who saw The Good Dinosaur, because if Finding Dory is any indication, we’re in for rough seas ahead with Pixar cranking out nothing but sequels until


What Hollywood should learn from Deadpool

Looks like Wade Wilson will be able to buy quite a few chimichangas given how popular Deadpool is proving to be. Deadpool opened last weekend, and if you’ve been paying attention to the news, you probably know already that it was a smash hit at the

The Martian Movie Review

Mars certainly has carved a spot in the human imagination, which makes its reputation as a box office graveyard somewhat intriguing. The last time a movie about Mars was a box office success was Total Recall (not this one) back in 1990, with every movie

Jupiter Ascending Movie Review

When The Matrix was released back in 1999, it was a genuine pop culture phenomenon, influencing action cinema for years afterward, leaving people questioning our perceptions of reality, and Hollywood hailing the siblings who directed it, the Wachowskis, as the next big things. Now, almost

Support the Make a Dredd Sequel Movement

Box office bombs are a dime a dozen in Hollywood these days, as for every film that launches a billion dollar franchise, there are two or three that become multi-million dollar money sinks, breaking even or breaking the bank. Often this is for good reason,


Between the time when the Fellowship challenged Mordor for the fate of Middle-Earth, and the Five Kings of Westeros fought for the Iron Throne, in the fantasy genre, there was an age undreamed of, unlike any other. Tales of swords and sorcery, dungeons and dragons,