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The Last Stand – Sabaton

In this day and age, a band really has to be something special for me to not only go out and buy a physical copy of their new album, but to pilfer six different stores looking for a copy on release day. Sabaton is such

Straight Outta Compton Movie Review

Before Ice Cube was known mainly for making comedies, before Dr. Dre was more famous for his headphones than for his music, and before hip-hop became just another subset of bubblegum pop about getting your drink on at the club, there was the group that

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Vegan Mustache Jazz

If you think reading the words “Vegan Mustache Jazz” will be the weirdest part of your day, just wait until you watch it. But first, a brief introduction. I hope some of you remember my mentioning PJ Desutter – and if you’ve been faithfully listening

Hail Sabaton, the Kings of Metal

I will be the first to confess to being a devout fan of rock and metal, and any long time readers of my work here should know that. I have dedicated a lot of ink to the post-Nirvana decline of the American rock/metal scene, whether