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So they’re rebooting DuckTales

So have you heard that Disney is rebooting DuckTales? I’ll give you a few minutes to get the DuckTales theme out of your head before continuing. For those of you who may be too young to remember – hard to believe the show made its


Happy Independence Day my dear readers – if you don’t mind, today I’m going to be talking about something a little personal. Growing up, I used to love watching fireworks on the Fourth of July. Watching the skies crackle with color as we celebrated Independence

Boyhood is all hype and no substance

For critics and audiences everywhere, Boyhood has received the sort of universal acclaim from all corners that you rarely see in the movie industry. When people describe it, they use words like “breathtaking”, “unparalled” or any number of other colorful adjectives they’ve used to take

Surge is back!

Never doubt the power of a devoted fanbase and 90’s nostalgia my dear readers. It brought back Toonami, has seen franchises from The Muppets to Power Rangers given second wind, and now, it has brought back the soda that defined a decade, Surge. You read

The Greatest Paradox about Military Service

Today my dear readers, I am literally taking a stroll down memory lane. For the first time since 2010, I am standing in Fort Gordon, Georgia, a military base where I spent a year of my time in the US Army. I’ll be the first to admit, my time here had its ups and downs, but save perhaps the intense and unforgettable ten weeks I spent in basic training, had more of an influence on who I am today than perhaps any time of my life. So needless to say, it got me reflecting on the old days, and upon lingering thoughts of the greatest paradox about military service.

Muppets Most Wanted Movie Review

In an age where Hollywood cranks out remakes, reboots and re-imaginings like clockwork, and with so many of them being ill-conceived or mismanaged to disastrous results, the times where it results in something wonderful really stand out. One of the most memorable of these was