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Square Donuts

On my way back to Virginia from Kansas City, I had to make one last pit stop in Terre Haute, Indiana. Mostly to say some overdue farewells, because since my Grandfather died six years ago, and my grandmother retired to Florida last year, I’ve less

Mission BBQ

While I have certainly never shied away from reminding my readers of the real reason behind Memorial Day weekend, I’ve also never denied that barbecue does have its place as well, especially since despite an abundance of barbecue joints, both good and bad, Richmond really

New York Deli

Every truly great American city gave the world a deli sandwich. Philadelphia has the cheesesteak, New York gave us the reuben, and Richmond gave us the sailor sandwich. To the uninitiated, a sailor sandwich serves up hot pastrami, grilled knockwurst and Swiss on Rye, and

Unleashed Gourmet Hot Dogs

It’s always been a mystery why there never seemed to have been any restaurants revolving around hot dogs. Sure, you have the occasional street-corner pushcart selling dirty water dogs, but given the rich variety and potential, to say nothing of the popularity of the frankfurter,

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Some Tips about Tipping

One of the most recent rising trends on the Internet is tip-shaming. As you might have guessed from the name, this involves a waiter or waitress whom, upon dealing with a customer who either leaves no tip or what they feel is a substandard tip,

Mellow Mushroom

While I was in the army, a friend of mine convinced me to tag along to a local pizza place by the name of the Mellow Mushroom. Sporting décor straight from the 70s, and serving some of the best pizza and beer in town, it

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Last December, I did a profile of my favorite musician, the ever-talented Jimmy Buffett, and mentioned in brief that among his many commercial ventures, he’s dabbled as a restaurateur, operating two restaurant chains, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville and Cheeseburger in Paradise. Upon reading this article, one