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Tor is shutting the door to unsolicited submissions

Looks like the marketplace for original short science fiction just got a little bit smaller. As of January 7th, Tor, one of the biggest markets for speculative fiction stories, will no longer be accepting unsolicited short fiction. Tor has been a major longtime staple in

Wizard World Richmond 2015

Back in Richmond after a smashing first year for the convention, Wizard World Richmond was this past weekend. After a very successful first year, the Wizard World event returns to Richmond with some bigger names than before, and a bigger burden – with Ravencon leaving

RavenCon 2015

Its once more that time of year, when Richmond’s local sci-fi/fantasy/horror convention, RavenCon takes roost for the weekend, once again bringing several big name authors and industry bigwigs, along with thousands of genre fans to town. Watching RavenCon fill Richmond with genre buffs, tabletop gamers,

The Eye of Argon

Have you ever picked up a book, browsed a few pages, and thought to yourself that this has to be one of the worst things ever published? While popular examples that come to mind can range from The Da Vinci Code, the Left Behind series,

The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn

It’s been a little over a year since Disney bought Lucasfilm, finally getting Star Wars out of Fatbeard’s grubby clutches, and breathing new life into the beloved space opera series by announcing their future plans for the franchise, including a sequel trilogy kicking off with