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London Has Fallen Movie Review

Early 2013 gave action junkies a very interesting contrast. First, we had A Good Day to Die Hard, a gut-wrenchingly bad sequel that wasn’t only painful to sit through, but finally put an end to John McClane and the Die Hard franchise. Then, we had

Why Sylvester Stallone is a Great Actor

I’m rather pleased to hear that Creed was a bonafide hit over the Thanksgiving weekend, adored by critics and audiences alike, and promising to do a brisk business at the box office well into the holiday season. I’m even more pleased to hear there is

The Transporter Refueled Movie Review

Jason Statham is one of the biggest names in action cinema today, and a big reason that is has to do with The Transporter. While he’d earned some small attention for lead roles in Guy Ritchie movies and starring in a couple of sci-fi movies,

The Expendables 3 Movie Review

It should be abundantly clear by now that I am an enormous fan of The Expendables franchise. Not only was the first film my very first formal movie review, and the sequel the debut of my video reviews, but having been raised on old-school action

Escape Plan

If all the recent trends in movies since I first became a film critic back in 2010, perhaps one of the most pleasing to me as a moviegoer is that there is something of a revival of the old school action genre going on right