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Rope-A-Dope 2: Return of the Martial Arts Mafia

Just over a year ago, I introduced you all to a short film from Eric Jacobus and the Stunt People by the name of Rope-A-Dope. A martial arts mash-up between Groundhog Day and Police Story, Rope-A-Dope saw the titular dopey protagonist repeatedly trounced and tossed

Rope A Dope

My dear readers, today you are in for a treat. It’s no small thing when I say this may well be one of the best short films I’ve ever seen on YouTube, and undoubtedly one with the best fight choreography. Allow me to introduce The

EPIC 2014 – Ten Years Later

While poking about on the Internet, as one often does, I stumbled upon something I hadn’t seen in years. In this particular case, it was an interesting video I hadn’t seen in almost a decade, having seen it once browsing on a forum I was

My Fair Use Headache

Seeing as today is April Fool’s Day, I figure now might make a great time to talk about a particular act of idiocy that has caused me no end of headaches. A few of the more devout readers among you may have been following my